Dr. Tehrani’s Mommy Makeover Segment Featured on CBS

Has the buzz surrounding the Mommy Makeover procedure piqued your interest? Check out our own Dr. Tehrani on a CBS Channel 2 feature that aired last weekend on this increasingly popular procedure. Dr. Tehrani discusses what typically goes into a Mommy Makeover (liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast enhancement), noting that some areas of the body are never the same after pregnancy (regardless of exercise). Things like stubborn excess fat and abdominal loosening can plague a mother post-baby, but the Mommy Makeover can restore the pre-baby appearance. Actually, as Dr. Tehrani says during the segment, it will often give you an even better body than the one you had before. On top of some before and after photos from the procedure, an actual Aristocrat Mommy Makeover patient is also featured, calling the results “phenomenal.” “He did an amazing job,” she gushed of Dr. Tehrani. “I healed really fast.” Check out the video! Want to know more? Call us for a consultation.
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