What is the order of applying skincare?

By Louisa Agate, LMA   We all want smooth, flawless, picture-perfect skin, but great skin starts and ends with a good consistent home care regimen but the order you apply them really makes a difference in how the product penetrates your skin for maximum results.   AM- Morning skin care routines are all about protection and prevention! Your face is going to be exposed to the outside environment, so necessary steps include moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Step 1. Cleanse
  • Step 2. Tone if needed
  • Step 3. Antioxidants and other active ingredients
  • Step 5. Spot treat if needed
  • Step 6. Eye cream
  • Step 7. Moisturize
  • Step 8. SPF
  PM- Evening is time to focus on repairing the damage done during the day. This is also the time to use anything that makes skin sensitive to sunlight, including physical exfoliants and chemical peels.
  • Step 1. Remove makeup
  • Step 2. Cleanse
  • Step 3. Exfoliate (1-3 times a week)
  • Step 5. Treat
  • Step 6. Eye cream
  • Step 7. Moisturize
  Also, don’t rush through your skincare routine as some ingredients need time to get absorbed. If possible, wait several minutes after you apply skin care products containing antioxidants and other active ingredients. Once the treatment penetrates your skin, proceed to the next step.   If you can’t follow all the steps, try to simplify your skincare routine and see what happens. Sometimes your body knows better what is good for it. If you are confused and can’t pick the products or ingredients your skin needs, make an appointment with one of Aristocrat’s experienced aestheticians.
medium shot of water pouring into a woman's cupped handsbrunette woman in a towel applying lotion to her shoulder